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I believe yearly family portrait photography sessions are so important in preserving all your families precious memories. My family sessions are done on location, mostly in the Manchester, Murfreesboro, and Nashville, TN areas.

So, you’ve decided to book  but need help deciding where to have your session? No problem, I shoot at several different locations around Middle Tennessee. Some include Old Stone Fort park, Gateway Island, Arrington Vineyards,  Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm, The Greenway, pretty much any area with fields/tall grass/streams/flowers works for me!

We’ve decided on a location but now you have no idea what to wear? I’ve got you covered! Below you will find a style guide to give your ideas on putting together the perfect outfits for your family. Of course if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to shoot me an email and I’d be happy to assist you.

If you like my work from my family portrait photography portfolio, please visit the contact me page to get in touch and book your session!

•Family Portrait Photography|Style Guide•


Coordinating is important but you don’t have to be matchy matchy(unless you want to be).I suggest starting with one outfit, then getting a color scheme or theme started, and building from there for the rest of the family.


Try to stay away from fluorescent colors, they are harsh. I recommend primary colors,
they are much more flattering.


When having photos taken in a wooded area it’s best to stay away from wearing green.
You want to stand out amongst the greenery you’re surrounded by.


If everyone in your group picture is wearing white shirts everyone may appear washed out.
So I recommend white being worn by just one person out of the group or being used as an
accent color.


You can never go wrong with layering e.g. hats, cardigans, belts, scarves, statement
necklaces, and blazers. The add a little something extra to your photos and I strongly
recommend layering in the colder months.


Shoes are also an important part of your outfit. I recommend staying away from character
shoes, flip-flops, and crocs. My suggestions are leather sandals, heels, wedges, Mary Jane’s,
Converse all stars, Tom’s, and Sperry’s.



They look great on all body shapes and are very versatile. They are also great for layering.


They are also flattering on most women. You can pair them with cute heels or wedges, this
makes your legs appear longer thus making you appear thinner.

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